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Why You Need A SSD Virtual Private Server

August 4, 2016, Written by

There are plenty of Virtual Private Servers, all offering the same or different sounding options, each one claiming to be perfectly suited to your needs. Understanding what a VPS is or which VPS fits your online needs can be tough, so here is a guide to Virtual Private Servers, explaining why they might be an option for you.

A VPS gives you your own virtual private server which is stored alongside other VPS systems within a huge physical machine. This allows you to treat your section of the server as your own dedicated machine. If your needs are too great for a shared server, a VPS could be the option without the big the leap to dedicated servers.

If you’re looking to take more control over your web service, you would enjoy the freedom that Virtual Private Servers have to offer. You can install and configure any programs you want; the freedom is yours for the taking!

There are plenty of upsides to having a Virtual Private Server:

  • A VPS is a more cost-effective solution than running a dedicated server, and will give you some reliable power that shared hosting may not be able to provide consistently.
  • A VPS allows you to install software not commonly found on or can be installed in a shared host server due to tight restrictions on resources.
  • A VPS can be suited to meet your needs – choose to pay for the RAM and CPU you want or need, with the option to change this down the road.
  • Your VPS can host as many websites as your needs dictate; it’s a flexible alternative to shared hosting which is ideal for small businesses, resellers and those who feel they’re not quite ready for a dedicated server.
  • Running a VPS gives you the option of powering up with Solid State Disks, a great cost-effective way of harvesting more power from the cloud.
  • Technology not your thing? Our Managed VPS services comes with a calm helping hand to keep your VPS up and running. It’s truly white gloved support at its finest.

If you’re unsure as to what hosting solution could be for you, our team can give you a hand in making sure you make the most of our services. We can walk you through the set-up process too if you like. We’re dedicated to making sure you get the most out of the cloud, because we know just how powerful it can be. Visit today to get started.

Derek Blayone