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Weebly vs WordPress

September 6, 2016, Written by

Having a tough time choosing between Weebly and WordPress?  What are the pros and cons of each? It can be tough to see, but having the experience in both, I can share what I have witnessed over the last few years from a technical support view of things.

Today, launching and building a website is easy with content management systems (CMS) like WordPress. It’s a free open source site builder that has changed the landscape of website creation in recent years, however, it does require more of a technical know-how and likely a developer is needed to help with the more complex things it can do.

upload-your-imageA big downside to the rapid success of WordPress is its vulnerability for hackers to find a crack or exploit giving them access to mass exploitation of millions of sites for stealing search traffic and SEO back-linking.

The last few years, I have seen many a frustrated clients and people in forums who paid good money for a WordPress site but got no instruction as to the things needed to maintain it, how to make changes or how to avoid security problems. The real work with a WordPress site, starts when it goes live. Keeping it current and up to date with new WordPress versions helps keep the hackers away.

Once a WordPress site gets hacked, it’s hard to get clean and keep clean. If not done right, the many extra backdoor files added to the site are a sure way to re-exploit even after a clean install.  The best way to recover is from a backup of a clean working version. The long way, starting over fresh with a new build, using the same database.

A best offense is a good defense. Keep your WordPress updated, keep theme updated and choose the best plugins. Using plugins that are not regularly updated is one of the biggest threats.

The time needed to stay on top of the WordPress community, hacks, good extensions, bad extensions and known exploits is hard work. It’s also very time consuming. So hiring a developer to handle this is expensive. This is a monthly fee most no one takes into account when building a site. The cost of maintaining a worry free WordPress site is cost prohibitive for most small businesses.

So hiring a company to build you a WordPress site can be expensive with an often large fee to build the site and the monthly maintenance fee some charge if you can’t manage it yourself.

Using a Website builder on the other hand, comes with a small monthly fee. There are no large upfront build fee’s to get a site made, just your time. But with just a few hours and a few clicks, it’s easy to get a site running. So the entry to getting started with a site for your business is cheap and easy to manage for a small business.

Weebly-editingIt’s a do it yourself website builder, with no technical knowledge needed. Weebly is one of the easiest website builders in the market.  They allow you to drag and drop content into a website, so it’s very intuitive to use.

By using Weebly’s website building elements, you can literally drag them into your website and have a website built relatively quickly, and painlessly.  The beauty of this system is that you can pretty much drag the elements to wherever you want – so it’s not very restrictive on where and how you place your website content.

Weebly’s elements include pictures, paragraphs, videos, buttons, maps, contact forms – basically all the basics for website building.

The best part of a website builder is it’s security; there are no updates or patches. LFC Hosting and Weebly handle it all. There is no monthly fee to someone to keep your site clean, clear and updated each month. The price of security is covered in the nominal monthly fees.

There are a few downsides, the site must be active with your host. You cannot take your site to a new host, you would need to leave your site behind. Finally, it’s also just a simple site builder.  It can’t be used to build really complex sites with certain applications.

In summary, there really is no “right or wrong” decision when you are trying to decide whether Weebly or WordPress is more suitable for you.  Weebly is great for organizations on a budget and the sites are simple to build. WordPress, however, requires a more technical person to managed and setup. It can help build rather complicated sites for organizations with certain requirements.

But you should really understand the differences between Weebly and WordPress, and consider what is more important for you given the advantages and disadvantages that are listed above.

If you want to build a very intricate and complicated website, WordPress can probably do that for you – mind you, you may have to spend some money to hire help.

But if you want to build a simple yet elegant website yourself, without having to deplete a lot of time trying to figure out how WordPress works, then using Weebly is one of the best website builders in the market today.

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Derek Blayone