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Web Hosting Explained

November 14, 2016, Written by

The world of web hosting can seem complex at first. I mean, it’s a place to put a website, right? Or more generally, a place to put software. In this post, we hope to clear the waters.

Website Builders

If you’re looking to design a new website, website builders are a great option to try. Build and host a website with almost no learning curve, often starting at free.

Shared Hosting

If you just need a place to host a website or web software (like WordPress), shared hosting is your best bet.

LFC Hosting’s shared solution is an easy-to-use yet powerful service offering a ton of pre-configured features – like domain names, email/webmail, databases, backups and much more – with easy web-based administration tools and fantastic customer service.

VPS Hosting

With VPS hosting, you get a whole computer (well, a virtual computer in the “cloud”) and rent memory, bandwidth and cpu cycles. In this respect, it is similar to Amazon AWS and competing cloud services. However, with a true VPS, you have total flexibility.

You can install a web server, email server, database server, and any other kind of custom software you need to run on the Internet. Many VPS hosts are extremely reliable (so your VPS is up all the time), and some even offer independent data backup.

VPS hosting generally comes at nominal added cost with respect to shared hosting. Rather, it’s a different kind of web hosting – much more open-ended, and therefore more technical in nature by consequence. If you’re a tech guy/developer, than VPS hosting, or a VPS/shared combo, is likely for you.

Alternatively, if you need to run software, or have a specialized need that demands VPS hosting, without the technical expertise in-house, LFC Hosting also offers Fully Managed VPS hosting, where we take care of the technicalities.

On the other hand, if you need a virtual Remote Desktop that is on all the time and supports local file sharing and printing, then a Windows VPS is your answer. Let’s say you want to travel without a laptop, or you have other users who need to be able to access the same installation of various Windows software (Office, accounting, etc.). You can connect to it from any Windows/OSX/iOS/Android device.


With dedicated and co-located hosting, you rent or buy (respectively) computer equipment dedicated to running your software. This is an even more advanced option than VPS Hosting.

That’s it! You’re now a web hosting expert. The only other consideration worth mentioning is domain name registration. Your domain name is your address on the Internet, your own .com, .net, .ca, etc. Although many web hosts sell domain names, you typically needn’t register your domain with the same company that hosts your website. Rather, you can ‘point’ the domain’s nameservers to a different web host. Alternatively, you can ‘transfer’ your domain name to your web host for the convenience of dealing with a single company for both services.

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