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Turnkey VPS Hosting – Easy Application Installs

Get semi-dedicated, cost effective WordPress VPS Hosting or one of 100+ other Applications.

We have partnered with Turnkey GNU/Linux which is a free Debian based library of system images that pre-integrates and polishes the best free software components into secure, easy to use solutions. Together you can rapidly deploy 100+ server applications to any of our SSD VPS hosting plans in just a few minutes. Just select an application image and watch it build. The server setup is handled, all you need to do is login to the application control panel and start using it. If you’re good with getting around control panels, running your own VPS is simple.

True VPS for the non-techie

100+ ready-to-use solutions you can deploy quickly

WordPress, Joomla, OpenVPN, and 100’s more!

High performance servers with guaranteed RAM and disk space

RAID 10 storage with high speed SSD drives

Free full image backups offered for disaster recovery

Applications are auto-updated daily with latest security patches

99.9% network uptime guarantee

Skilled and friendly technical support

.5 GB RAM30 GB SSD HDD.6 TB BandwidthLinuxUSA/CanadaFirst Month: $9.95Renews At: $15.95/monthBUY NOW
1 GB RAM40 GB SSD HDD1 TB BandwidthLinuxUSA/CanadaFirst Month: $14.95Renews At: $19.95/monthBUY NOW
2 GB RAM60 GB SSD HDD2 TB BandwidthLinuxUSA/CanadaFirst Month: $19.95Renews At: $29.95/monthBUY NOW

A bit about our VPS infrastructure.

100% SSD Storage

The type of storage a VPS has does impact the performance of your applications. A Turnkey VPS with SSD drives performs better than a VPS without SSD because of its low latency. An SSD drive can locate and retrieve data many times faster than a typical SAS or SATA disk.

We choose to store all your data on SSD drives. This ensures that not only “common” data is readily available, but all your data on the VPS is readily available. By keeping all data on SSD drives, you can be sure your application or website is performing well and continues to perform at that same level.

Free Backups

We include free backups with our Turnkey VPS hosting. We keep seven daily and three weekly backups as well as letting you choose to manually schedule an extra backup. You’ll have access to a total of 11 backups that are available through your client area and can be obtained either through FTPS or by initiating a restore of your VPS.

Your VPS is Online in Minutes

Your VPS is often setup within a few minutes. It may take longer if you have a special request or choose a different configuration, but in most cases, we ensure that you will have access within 10 minutes of ordering your VPS.

Web-based Control Panel

Solus Virtual Manager (SolusVM) is a powerful GUI based VPS management system which provides many options for managing your VPS with security and ease. The control panel allows you anytime, anywhere management of your VPS. Some examples of the SolusVM control panel are:

  • Rebooting your server
  • Checking the state of your VPS
  • Connecting your own ISO to your VPS’ cdrom drive
  • Manage your server via the VNC console
  • 24/7 access to backups


When choosing a web host, it doesn’t just come down to the technology or the features offered. It also depends heavily on the people who are behind the scenes ensuring that everything is running smoothly. We really do speak your language. Get in touch with our 24/7 North American based support team at any time.

Virtualization Foundation

KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine) technology is used. This ensures that each virtual machine receives its own private virtualized hardware. You shouldn’t have to settle for anything less and at LFC you won’t have to.

Proactive Monitoring

Our systems are extensively monitored which allows us advance notification of hardware failures allowing us to intervene in an extremely timely manner.

We apply “proven monitoring technology” and have 24-hour specialist standing by to intervene should problems arise with our equipment.

Redundant Infrastructure

Enjoy Raid-10 SSD reliability and piece-of-mind. RAID 10 works by mirroring and striping your data across a minimum of four SSD drives. If one fails completely, the RAID preserves your information.

Native IPv6 Network

We run a native, dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 network in our Denver and Montreal datacenters. No messy, underperforming tunnels to deal with. Just real, instant native IPv6. We’ll even give you as many IPv6 addresses as you want, free of charge.

Operating Systems

Whether you’re on team Windows, or team Linux, or use ‘em both, we have you covered. Choose from the following operating systems:

Windows 2012 R2
Arch Linux
Scientific Linux
Windows 2003

Reliable Hardware

We get a little giddy when we think about the tech powering our virtual private servers. It really should be a lot more expensive than it is, but we have our ways when it comes to giving you quality and reliability at an affordable price.

Data Centers

At LFC, we understand how important the location of your data is. Which is why with all VPS plans you can choose your data center location. House your virtual private server in Denver, or opt for our Canadian data center in Montreal.

SSH Access/Remote Desktop

In an unmanaged VPS you get root or administrator access. You can also log in using the web-based control panel via the VNC console, even if the VPS is no longer available via the Internet.

Test our performance yourself

Montreal Quebec Canada
Ping IPs: (IPv4) 2605:6f00:9000::7 (IPv6)
Download Test: 100 MB, 500 MB, 1000 MB
RAID Level: RAID-10

Denver Colorado USA
Ping IPs: (IPv4) 2605:6f00:532::5:1 (IPv6)
Download Test: 100 MB, 500 MB, 1000 MB
RAID Level: RAID-10