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Setting Up Email On iPhone Made Easy

October 26, 2016, Written by

For the last 20 years LFC Hosting has been a shared hosting company, hosting thousands of websites around the world. But really, we are a communications company. Hosting iphone email is something we take great pride in. Today more then ever, having your own .com email address is an important tool for branding and communication. As a business, using,, or email addresses is very unprofessional. If you have a website address, you have access to making personalized email addresses for your iphone.

Ever since Apple has been around, it’s always been a bit of a chore setting up email to send and receive on your iphone. Most email clients use just one default username and password for both sending and receiving email. Unlike it’s counter parts, Apple email clients treats incoming and outgoing separate. What that means is you have two different places to add your username and password. When receiving email it uses the login details to pull messages down and when sending, it uses another set of login details to verify with mail server you have permissions to send from mail server. It’s a small difference for sure but most people can’t figure out how to send email when using an Apple device.

Well it doesn’t matter anymore LFC Hosting has the solution, it doesn’t matter if you use an Air, Macbook Pro, Iphone 4, Iphone 7 Plus or IPad; we have a easy solution for getting your email setup in minutes. Once completed you will have a secure IMAP connection installed in seconds. So delete any instance you may have tried to setup so we can start fresh.

  1. In Safari on your Apple device, go to
  2. Enter in your LFC Hosted email and continue.img_0053
  3. Your device will ask you to install an email profile, click install in top corner.img_0054
  4. If you have security enabled, enter your phones password to continue.img_0055
  5. Once you have entered your devices security password, click install again now that you have granted permission.img_0056
  6. Next enter your name, this will be used as the From Name when sending emails from this client.img_0057
  7. Finally enter your email password and click next to Finish.img_0058
  8.  Congratulations, you’re done. You’ve just installed your email account on your Apple device.

Things To Know
There are two types of connections to mail server when setting up a device, POP3 and IMAP. POP3 downloads email to email client and wants to remove it from server after checking. IMAP doesn’t download email, rather is connects your email client to the mail server and shows you the mail. It’s greatest benefit is when you have multiple devices that you check email on, using IMAP on all devices syncs them up so handling/deleting/sorting email only happens once.  With POP3, you have to delete the same junk email on all the email clients, time consuming.

Now with that understanding, POP3 and IMAP do not get along. POP3 wants to delete the email on the mail server every time it checks mail and IMAP needs to store all the email on the mail server. So if you install email on your Apple device with our quick tool, make sure your other devices use IMAP as well or change the POP3 settings so mail stays on the server.


For example, above is More Settings window from Outlook. In the Advanced Tab you will see the delivery section. Check to leave mail on the server and if you want, set to remove after 14 days. This will ensure your Apple device email client using IMAP, has the last 14 days worth of email. Anything older will be downloaded and stored on your POP3 email client.

Hosting email on your iphone starts with a domain, get a domain name today if you already don’t have one. If you would like email on your domain, any LFC Hosting shared hosting plan would suit your needs. If you need a website and email, I recommend Weebly Website Builder for it’s ease and usability. On a one year package of our website builder, you get a a free domain name.

Derek Blayone