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Looking for a website, stay away from local bulletin boards ads like this…

October 3, 2016, Written by

Living in a small town in Saskatchewan is wonderful. The streets are canopied by trees, yards are well kept with flowers, laughing kids on bikes, smiling family’s going for walks and everybody waves as you drive past. It feels good and safe when you know nearly everyone in town and they know you. You take great pride in the community you live in when you’re so engaged and plugged in with everybody.

The other day, while shopping at the local grocery store in Indian Head, I saw this sign posted on the bulletin board. You know those boards full of ads, cars for sale, baby sitters, grass cutting services, auctions, carpet cleaning, special events and web site services. This ad caught my attention for many reasons but mostly because I work in the industry.

I was floored when I read it, people have to learn the truth.

Web Site Builder Weebly with email

I have worked in the hosting industry for over 10 years and LFC Hosting has been hosting web sites in Saskatchewan for years. Loose Foot Computing Limited (LFC) has been in business since 1996 and hosting web sites since 1998. You could say we’ve been around the block. We’ve been doing web hosting since the very beginning and we’ve seen it all. It was founded in Regina by two 12 year old boys and has grown into a highly successful 20 year old company, still proudly Saskatchewan.

Back in 1998 people paid $2000 for a web site, today that’s just crazy! Technology has changed since then and so have prices.  In fact it’s changed so much LFC Hosting now offers a free 5 page website plan.

Why would anyone pay $1,000 or $2,000 for a 5 page site that’s linked to your Facebook page? I’ll tell you, because they don’t know any better. It’s a world most people in small towns don’t understand and if you don’t work in this industry, you would never know.

So people at grocery stores waiting for their spouse who’s inside buying milk, sees an ad like this and thinks this is right. I’m here to tell you this is more scam then anything. This developer is preying on people’s lack of knowledge to take their hard their earned money.

Imagine this guy pockets the money and within 3 minutes can hire a company like LFC Hosting to host a site. Free Content Managements Systems (CMS) like WordPress or Joomla can be installed and in just a few hours he will be done building the site using one of hundreds of site templates. He could also decide to use our website builder for better security reasons and get you a site built in under an hour.  If this guy knows what he’s doing, and I’m sure he does, he could make $1,000 or even $2,000/hour building you a site.  All because he knew something you didn’t.

The funny/sad part would be hearing why it will take 3 weeks to build this for you; he needs to make you think he is working hard to justify the $2,000 price. Down the road, he then really gets to nail you when you want something changed. When you want a picture changed, that will be a $50 invoice for all “the work” that needs to be done. Another change needed another $50 invoice.

Work with LFC Hosting directly and don’t pay someone to be the middle man when it comes to getting a site built. You can build an amazing website with tools to help your website, blog or online store come to life. Start with a template that suits your style. Whether you’re a store owner, event planner, fitness instructor, musician or realtor, simply drag and drop content into place and make it your own. With tailored, step-by-step guidance, it’s easy to build a professional website with Weebly. Create exactly what you want and update it easily whenever you want. There’s no coding needed and everything you design looks great on any device.

Get started today with a special offer for fellow Saskatchewan residents. For $100 USD you will get our Pro Weebly plan with unlimited web pages and a free domain for the year. Next year you will pay $144 USD for Weebly and $14.95 USD for domain renewal. Save $30 on your first year by acting on this special offer.

If you want a site, don’t give your money away. You know better now and can be smart about it. Tell whoever you hire, that you know how easy it is to build a site with a good free CMS systems or site builders. You have the power here over the developer now that you know their secret.

Derek Blayone