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Our 20th Anniversary Brings You Three New VPS Services

February 10, 2016, Written by

Normally getting old is a scary thing but 2016 marks a huge year for our company, Loose Foot Computer Limited. This year marks our 20th year in business. It’s been an incredible ride and one we owe to our many customers over the years. We take great pride in the fact we still have our very first customer hosting with us after two decades.

In 1996 two 13 year old boys, who met at computer camp, started a company from their parent’s basement. Rob and Andrew built computers, developed and hosted web sites for businesses when dial up connections began taking off. In 1998, shared hosting became our number one goal. We saw our position in the market as a professional grade web host, offering clients backups, support and dependably.

The secret to our longevity has been simple, to provide amazing 24/7 support and dependable service. We built our own control panel that allowed us to break off many of the great features of shared web hosting onto their own servers. This helps spread the traffic and server load to many different servers and allowing for better service.

Today’s shared hosting is not the same as it was in 1996. The industry around us has changed, but we never wavered with our direction and operation. We didn’t need too; we got off on the right foot. (Pun intended!) Today, Plesk and Cpanel have the market share on control panels used by web hosts. These control panels have created a cluttered market, full of budget brands with sub-par service and out-sourced support. Piling thousands of clients on cheap web servers with cookie-cutter control panels has never been our thing.

We believe in friendly support, free backups and dependability. After 20 years in business we have found our customers believe in same thing. Thank you for your loyalty and thanks for helping us reach this amazing mile stone. In an era where shared web hosts come and go, we are proud to still serve you.

In many ways, our 20th anniversary feels like our first year. What we did with shared web hosting, we are doing today with VPS hosting. We are proud to introduce three new VPS services,

  • Self-Managed VPS
    Not for the faint at heart, these VPS’s are fast and reliable. Some assembly is required.
  • Turnkey VPS
    Simple and fast Linux hosting with over 200+ turnkey templates. For example, enjoy simple WordPress hosting on your own VPS without any setup required. Login and start.
  • Fully managed VPS
    LFC truly white glove support. Setup, maintenance and monitoring are covered for a true handles free experience.

Whether it Linux or Windows, Canada or US, all three new VPS services offer dependable and reliable VPS hosting with KVM based virtualization, Raid 10 SSD storage, backups, guaranteed RAM and so much more.

What’s next for LFC Hosting, we will also soon expand our colocation services into Canada and will soon be offering a new website builder thanks to our new partnership with Weebly. 2016 will be one of our busiest and biggest years yet.

Not sure which LFC Hosting service is right for you, shared hosting, VPS or colocation? Our sales team is here to help. Call 866.532.4678 ext 1

You may also want to look at our FAQ and read about why we think you should consider LFC Hosting today. We’ve been hosting businesses since 1996 and we can host yours starting today.

Derek Blayone