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LFC Hosting Announces New, Expanded Data Center

June 2, 2010, Written by

LFC Hosting (LFC) today announces the official launch of their newly expanded data center facility.

Robert Sauchyn, LFC President says, “We’ve significantly expanded our data center infrastructure to accommodate future growth, as well as enhance our redundancy, reliability and performance for existing clients.” He further states, “The expansion not only provides substantially more physical space but also dramatically enhances our bandwidth, back-up power and cooling capabilities as well as overall network infrastructure.”

The new data center includes 60 Gbps (Gigabits Per Second) of connectivity to the Internet, with two separate fiber entry points for complete IP transport redundancy and BGP4 multi-homing through four upstream providers, thereby ensuring unsurpassed speed and reliability. The facility is staffed 24/7 and also features enhanced onsite and offsite network monitoring, diesel back-up generators, 100 tons of cooling capacity, dual-stage gas fire suppression, and new physical security and surveillance characteristics.

“This provides a distinct advantage to online businesses looking to cut through the clutter by providing fast, reliable and secure web access to their clients and prospects,” says Andrew MacCorquodale, Vice-President, “which keeps the focus on the product and not on unwelcome distractions.”

The expanded data center provides exceptional features and services, while maintaining a reasonable price tag for small to medium sized businesses. “It is our goal to continually exceed our standards of delivery and to provide a wide range of services and features included free with all LFC’s web hosting plans,” says Robert Sauchyn, “and this expansion is the latest in a series of advancements that make this goal a reality.”

Andrew MacCorquodale