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HostingCon… here we come!

June 14, 2013, Written by

The anticipation has been building this week here at LFC Hosting for our upcoming trip to Austin, Texas where we will be attending HostingCon 2013.

With web hosts, cloud providers and internet pros of all sorts from around the world attending, it’s a pretty big deal and the premier event of its kind in North America. This year they expect around 1,900 attendees from over 30 countries. All kinds of technology announcements and innovations will be unveiled. Developments will be debated and discussed. Thought leaders will share their expertise during educational sessions and presentations. And yeah, OK, there’ll be some fun too catching up with partners and old friends.

The general theme of the conference is looking at change and disruption (part and parcel of web hosting and tech wouldn’t you say?) and seeing the innovation and opportunities that come out of that. In short, we’re sure to learn a whole lot… that we’ll put to good use for LFC Hosting. Who knows what ideas we’ll spark?

Coming to you straight from the conference next week June 17 – 19, we will be on the technical track and sending out tweets with updates about all the cool new tech stuff we come across. Follow us on Twitter to stay in the loop.

See y’all when we get back. Who knows, we may have even picked up a Texan drawl! Well, at the very least, we’ll have all kinds of juicy industry updates to share with you.

Andrew MacCorquodale