Who uses shared hosting?

Shared web hosting is an ideal solution for small and medium sized businesses, e-commerce stores, web designers, bloggers, and personal web sites. Virtually anyone can benefit from our powerful shared hosting options.

If I run into problems, what are my options for support?

We understand that when you run into problems with your website you don’t just want answers – you want options. Talking to a human 24/7 is just one of many ways to get your problems resolved. We strive to answer all support tickets within 2 hours, and most are resolved immediately or within the next business day.

To contact our technical support call 1.866.532.4678 ext 2, or simply log in to your account control panel, click the ‘Support’ tab, and submit your ticket.

How long does it take for LFC Hosting to process my application and setup my account?

99% of new accounts are activated within 10-15 minutes. Once your account is activated you will receive an email that contains log in information for your control panel, plus steps on changing name servers and FTP instructions.

I've been notified that my account has been setup but my site is still not active.

If you have received a notification e-mail and it’s been over 48 hours, it means either that you did not point your domain name to the right DNS servers, or that your ISP’s DNS server has not yet been updated. It generally takes 24 hours for domain names to become active. This is just how the Internet works; there is no way we can speed up the process.

What hosting platform and Control Panel are you using?

All of our shared web hosting servers are running on Windows Server 2012 64-bit with IIS 8. They are all managed by LFC Hosting’s in-house control panel which gives you complete control over your web site.

Are backups included?

Yes! Automatic daily backups are included and are fully accessible through your control panel.

Can I transfer my domain to you?

We’ve partnered with ENOM to provide domain registration services and they can be ordered & transferred through your account portal or by contacting our Sales department.

Do you offer access to a shared SSL certificate?

All shared web hosting plans come with access to a shared SSL certificate so that you can secure portions of your site. We can also help you obtain your own SSL certificate if you need the secured content to be served from your domain name.

How do I access webmail for my server?

All sites are equipped with web based e-mail. You can go to http://webmail.yourdomain.com. You need to have a valid email address and password already set up to login.

How do I cancel my account?

In order to verify that you are the actual owner of the account, you will need to log into your LFC Hosting account manager (client area) https://account.lfchosting.com and follow these instructions:

-Log into the client area,
-Click on “Services” and click on “My Services”
-Find your E-Commerce Web Hosting account listed and click on the “View Details” button to the right.
-Then click on Request Cancellation at the bottom of the page.
-Fill out the form then click the big red button that says “Request Cancellation”

Also if you are paying with PayPal, please cancel your subscription as well.

For older LFC Hosting customers, please log into Control Panel at http://cp.lfchosting.com. Please click on Technical Support and then on Ticket System to write us ticket in regards to your cancellation. This will start your process.


What is a VPS?

Virtual Private Server is a term for a virtual server running on a dedicated server that has been partitioned into multiple virtual servers. Each VPS is independent of other VPS instances on the host server. A VPS runs its own Operating System and is often considered a best of both worlds balance between the affordability of traditional shared web hosting and the control and configurability of a dedicated or colocated server.

Is a VPS right for me?

Maybe you’ve outgrown traditional shared web hosting. Perhaps you need custom applications that can’t be accommodated by shared hosting. Or better performance, flexibility and security without the price tag of purchasing your own server hardware. If any of these apply to you, a VPS from LFC Hosting could be the perfect fit for you and your company. Even if you’re just looking for an environment to test out an unfamiliar Operating System or need an easy option for offsite backups, a VPS can match all of these requirements and more.

What Operating Systems do you support?

VPS plans from LFC Hosting provide templates for many Linux distributions as well as Windows Server installs. For the most part, all Linux distributions are the x86_64 version of the release however we do offer x86 versions of some. Here’s a full list of the options available to you:

  • CentOS 6.4
  • CentOS 5.9
  • Debian 6.0
  • Ubuntu 13.04
  • Ubuntu 12.10
  • Ubuntu 12.04.2
  • Ubuntu 10.04
  • Slackware 13.37
  • Fedora 18
  • Gentoo 2013.01
  • Arch Linux 2013-01
  • Scientific Linux 6.3
  • openSUSE 12.3
  • Windows Server 2008 R2

How long does it take for the VPS to be available after the order has been placed?

All orders are checked by a member of the LFC Hosting team for any possible errors. During normal business hours, we strive to get an order activated as soon as possible. Even if you make your order after regular business hours, we guarantee to handle any order within 24 hours. After we’ve activated the service, the VPS will be available within minutes and can be used immediately.

What forms of payments are accepted?

We currently accept MasterCard, Visa, PayPal and Bitcoin.

Can VPS plans be upgraded after they've been purchased?

Yes, using your client area you are able to upgrade your plan to the next level with ease. Any questions about this process can be answered by simply creating a support ticket.

Do I get a static IP address with my VPS plan?

Yes, each plan comes with at least one static IPv4 address and ten IPv6 addresses with the option to purchase more depending on the plan you are on.

Does LFC Hosting provide DNS services for my domains?

Once you have purchased a VPS plan, you will have access to our client area and your DNS services. From here you can add domains, edit records, and manage reverse DNS records for your assigned IP addresses.

Is there a Control Panel I can use to manage my VPS instances?

LFC Hosting employs SolusVM for managing VPS instances. SolusVM provides the ability to reboot, shutdown, reinstall, set the hostname, reset the root password, and connect to an out of band serial console for access to your VPS instance. Most of these features are also available through the client area as well.

What kind of content and services can I have on the LFC Hosting VPS network?

Please review our Acceptable Use Policy for information related to what content and services are deemed acceptable.

Do you offer backups?

Backups are included with your VPS plan. We keep seven daily and three weekly backups as well as one user defined backup. Backups are available through your client area and can be obtained either through FTP or by initiating a restore of a backup to your VPS.

Where can I find status information on the LFC network?

Follow @LFCStatus on Twitter for all technical status and outage information.

Does LFC Hosting have an IRC channel?

You can reach us on irc.freenode.net in #lfchosting.

Does LFC Hosting provide licensing for any add-on administration panels or packages?

We provide licensing options for cPanel VPS Optimized as well as a number of add-ons designed to work with cPanel.


What forms of payment are accepted?

We currently accept MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, and Bitcoin.

Do I get a static IP address for my server?

Yes, each server gets at least one static IPv4 address and additional ones are available with justification. IPv6 addresses can be provisioned as needed.

Does LFC Hosting provide DNS services for my domains?

Once you have purchased a plan, you will have access to our client area and the LFC DNS services where you can add domains, edit records, and manage reverse DNS records for your assigned IP addresses.

Do you offer backups?

Backup space can be purchased by contacting our Sales department. We can backup your machine once you’ve installed the Retrospect Backup Client on your server – it will be backed up daily to our dedicated backup servers.

Can I get access to an IP-KVM?

We have single device IP-KVMs which can be rented by contacting our Support department.

Will I have access to remote hands?

Our remote hands and eyes can assist with your hardware replacement, troubleshooting and various other tasks.

If I have multiple servers, am I charged bandwidth used between them?

No, you are only charged for bandwidth once it leaves our network. You can also have a private network set up between your servers; however, there is an additional monthly charge for each extra network port that is used.

Do you offer remote reboot services?

Your server will be plugged into an Ethernet power switch and you’ll have access to the power cycle for the port that your server is plugged into. If additional help beyond that is required, you can open a ticket with our Support department.

Does LFC Hosting operate its own network?

Yes. We operate our own BGP network (AS40092) that supports both IPv4 and IPV6 connectivity. Our core routing platform consists of an active router and a hot stand-by that will automatically take over if the active router fails.

Is my server protected from power loss?

Yes. Your server will be plugged into our APC UPSes which are backed up by diesel generator in the event that utility power fails. We monitor our power infrastructure 24×7 to ensure that everything is operating normally and that we are not overloading any circuits.