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Drum roll please… launch of LFC Site Builder

August 16, 2014, Written by

Your business needs a website… we’re here to make it easy on you!

If you had to name one thing that any business, no matter the industry, no matter the geographic location, needs to succeed in this day and age, what would you say? Most of us would answer with a resounding “WEBSITE”!

A website after all is your foundation, your home online where the magic happens. It’s how customers find you. It’s where they learn about your business. It’s where they decide to buy from you. It’s very often the first impression and the first interaction a potential customer will have with you.

So we can agree that it’s pretty darn important, right?

Website challenges

Despite this, however, there are still so many businesses that don’t have their own website. According to a survey done last year by Google and research giant Ipsos, of 3,800 small business owners surveyed, 55% of them did not have a website. (Source: Associated Press)

Creating a website is easier said than done, otherwise every business would have one. If you lack tech skills or web savvy, forget it. Even if you’ve got some technical know-how, more likely than not you (or your team) simply don’t have the time to devote to creating a great site for your business. So you either throw something together yourself (settling for something far from ideal) or you throw money at a designer or developer to do it for you.

Time and money are the factors most commonly cited as reasons for not having a website. What’s a small business short on funds or low on resources to do?

LFC to the rescue

At LFC, yes we offer web hosting, colocation and what you need to power the backbone of your internet presence. But we knew that for many small businesses and entrepreneurs, all the hosting in the world couldn’t help them if getting that website put together in the first place was a struggle. So we thought to ourselves, how can we make this easier?

Enter LFC Site Builder. The website solution for folks who aren’t even remotely technical. A great looking site at a fraction of the cost of a fancy, custom design (honestly, most small businesses really don’t need that anyways). A simple solution that’s easy to use, effective and super fast to set-up. And of course, all powered by the LFC technology infrastructure trusted by 13,000 customers around the world.

And when we say easy and awesome, we mean it. We’re talking features like…

  • Drag and drop WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editing.
  • Tons of great looking, modern design templates.
  • E-commerce and shopping cart options.
  • Mobile friendly and social media integration.
  • All the tech stuff your business needs to thrive online like email accounts, disk space and bandwidth.
  • Plenty of other functions such as photos, maps, videos and more, as well as features and plugins for specific industries.

Backed by our in-house, North American without exception, support.

There are two Site Builder plans available:

  • Essential for those small businesses with small needs.
  • Unlimited for businesses that are ready for a full-on online presence with all the bells and whistles.

Take advantage of our free trial and give LFC Site Builder a no obligation test run.

We’re very excited to announce the launch of LFC Site Builder and that we’re moving beyond “just” hosting to give your business everything it needs for an online presence.

As always, any questions, any comments, we’re here for you!


Andrew MacCorquodale