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Loose Foot Computing Limited (LFC Hosting) has been in business since 1996 and hosting web sites since 1998. You could say we’ve been around the block. We’ve been doing web hosting since the very beginning and we’ve seen it all.

We provide innovative web hosting for tens of thousands of websites worldwide – powering businesses of all sizes in over 80 countries.

In addition to shared web hosting, we also offer VPS hostingcolocation hosting, website builder, and domain registration services. When it comes to putting your business on the web, LFC Hosting is your one stop business service provider. Everything you need to excel online… and then some.


Rob Sauchyn started LFC Hosting in 1996 and merged his efforts with Andrew MacCorquodale in 1998. At the time they were both, get this, 12 years old.

When most kids their age were playing video games and riding their bikes, Andrew was building custom servers and Rob was doing custom application development and programming. They were interested in the behind the scenes of how computers worked and how all this cool tech stuff was actually being created and served. They both had an incredible aptitude and ability to grasp new technology inside and out.

How does one start a technology company, not just a lemonade stand, at age 12? Their parents didn’t push them to try to make money off their talents. They just recognized that their children had a keen interest in technology and computers, and nurtured that. Paying top dollar for this thing called the Internet when it first came out? They didn’t flinch. Buying a personal computer (long before most people actually had these in their homes, let alone several)? You bet.

In 1998, they made the switch from custom software development into full-fledged web hosting. Initially operating out of Rob’s basement, the company got some external office space in 1999 and ran off of three office servers in an office tower in downtown Regina, eventually building their own data center in the Regina Research Park, the tech hub of Saskatchewan, in 2001. They operated there for over a decade before the business began to outgrow what the Canadian Prairies could offer and they moved into a new data center in Denver, followed by an additional expansion into a data center in Montreal.


When it comes to staffing at LFC Hosting, we always look for people that are like our founders. What matters to us is smarts, abilities, innovative thinkers and a go get ‘em attitude. The kinds of things that just can’t be taught, no matter how much schooling you have. We have developed our own methods that we have found works for getting us the best of the best. We would confidently put up any of our staff, from a tech perspective, with anyone in the world.


At LFC Hosting, we specialize in the technical support of online business activities – powered by our team of experts based in North America. We’re not about provisioning bulk cookie cutter web hosting that you can find anywhere. We’re about top of the line tech. Speed and reliability. All the features you need. Awesome pricing. And a support team that can’t be beat.

At LFC Hosting, we’ve made a promise to all of our customers, partners and stakeholders: value and quality is top of mind, all the time.


All LFC Hosting staff members are part of the company profit pool. Once we’ve covered the costs of running, improving, and growing our business, all revenues above and beyond are divvied up and shared among all of our staff. Each and every team member at LFC Hosting is a stakeholder in the company. Employees have a vested interest in how well they do their jobs, how well they serve customers, how well the tech runs.

Making stuff happen is our motto. We’re about giving our super talented staff the freedom to experiment and have pet projects. We’re not about humming and hawing for weeks (or months!) rehashing and discussing ideas to death. Sure, we might make some mistakes along the way, but the most important thing is learning from them and growing to ever-greater efficiency and value. For example, our Virtual Private Server offering was a pet project of two of our team members who saw the significance and demand in this type of service and were encouraged to go for it. They weren’t given any support, any marketing budget, anything really. They took the idea into their own hands and ran with it. Today, VPS hosting is now a major part of our business.

We pride ourselves on being very different from your average web host. Learn a little more about what makes LFC Hosting stand out from the pack here.

Whether you want to learn more about us or our web hosting and online business services, please get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you.