Weebly SEO Basics for Your Website, Blog or Online Store

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website as visible and friendly as possible to popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Weebly SEO is...

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March 22, 2017, Written by

Attacks on WordPress Sites Intensify as Hackers Deface Over 1.5 Million Pages

Attacks on WordPress sites using a vulnerability in the REST API, patched in WordPress version 4.7.2, have intensified over the past two days, as attackers have now defaced over...

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February 10, 2017, Written by

MetaTrader 4 VPS

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting allows MetaTrader 4 traders to run automated algorithmic strategies, the optimal way to ensure uninterrupted work of your trading robots and Signal subscriptions 24...

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January 6, 2017, Written by

Not Having A Responsive Or Mobile Website Hurts Your Business

Do you know how many people use their mobile devices every day? Mobile traffic may be costing you thousands in sales and marketing dollars. Since Google started using mobile-friendliness...

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December 13, 2016, Written by

How Do Consumers Conduct Searches On Google Using A Mobile Device?

Mediative conducted an eye-tracking research looking at the  search behavior of consumers on Google on a mobile device. More than half of the searches conducted on Google occur on mobile devices....

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December 7, 2016, Written by

Web Hosting Explained

The world of web hosting can seem complex at first. I mean, it’s a place to put a website, right? Or more generally, a place to put software. In...

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November 14, 2016, Written by

How To Create An Amazing Wedding Website

Nowadays you shop online, you make friends online, you share photos online and even find love online! So if most people you know are online and are checking their...

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November 9, 2016, Written by

Setting Up Email On iPhone Made Easy

For the last 20 years LFC Hosting has been a shared hosting company, hosting thousands of websites around the world. But really, we are a communications company. Hosting iphone...

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October 26, 2016, Written by

Fix Uploaded Images in Python Webapps

Here’s a handy, simple python function to “fix” images uploaded by webapp users. By fix, we mean: Correct the image orientation (a somewhat nasty issue concerning JPEGs taken by...

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October 19, 2016, Written by

Looking for a website, stay away from local bulletin boards ads like this…

Living in a small town in Saskatchewan is wonderful. The streets are canopied by trees, yards are well kept with flowers, laughing kids on bikes, smiling family’s going for...

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October 3, 2016, Written by